Jason Hill

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I am here to learn, and (hopefully) meaningfully contribute to observations documenting biodiversity. I am a quantitative ecologist with the Vermont Center for Ecostudies. An ornithologist by training, I oversee a community scientist project (Mountain Birdwatch; https://vtecostudies.org/projects/mountains/mountain-birdwatch/). Most of my own research has been with pollinators (bumble bees and milkweed specialists) and Ammodramus, Centronyx, and Ammospiza sparrows, Upland Sandpipers and Eastern Meadowlarks, and spruce-fir montane bird species (Bicknell's Thrush, Blackpoll Warbler, etc.). As you may notice, however, from perusing my observations--I spend most of my free time searching for insects, especially beetles (Cerambycidae [long-horned beetles], Coccinellidae [lady beetles] and others) and other insects (especially Syrphidae [flower flies]). I am a complete (but enthusiastic) amateur on anything but birds, but hopefully my IDs and observations move the needle in the right direction. I follow observations in Iowa (my home state; hello Marshalltown!) and New Hampshire.

My favorite thing about iNat is connecting with and learning from other naturalists, and I really enjoy the back and forth with folks who are much more knowledgeable than I am on most subjects (so please engage with me and share your knowledge).

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