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I am a Microbiologist from Kerala, the southern most state of India. My current field of interest is mycology and is trying to learn more about Mushroom species.

Catch me on Instagram @indiantoadstool.

Please follow the following instructions while adding Mushroom observations:

  1. Please try to add detailed images from different angles of the mushroom (image of mushroom in natural habitat, upperside image, underside image, clear image of stipe and base (also cross section in case of some mushrooms).
  2. Please don't trust iNat suggestions blindly. Especially when you are adding very blurry images or long shots. iNat suggestions are good for self study and comparison, but are sometimes very wrong.
  3. Try not to ID mushrooms to species level if you are not sure about it. Species level ID would sometimes require Microscopic observations and sequencing.

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