Joao Tiago Tavares

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I am a portuguese biologist and an illustrator, interested in ornithology since 1996 and life-long interest in Nature in all its forms. In 2017 I started using my smartphone camera to record practically every living thing I saw. I would appreciate any help in the ID of those creatures.

I have travelled in Europe, Africa and the Americas (Portugal with Madeira and the Azores, Spain with the Canary Is., Poland, Netherlands, Morocco, Turkey, Egypt incl. Sinai, South Africa, Brazil, Argentina, Kenya, Chile, Mozambique, Germany, Belgium, Canada,...). In time I will upload as many pictures of wildlife as I can.

I upload bird sightings into eBird (, which has a specific setup. That's another long term endeavour.
I used to upload non birds into ( but not since I found iNaturalist.

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