Justina Martelli

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As a dedicated citizen scientist and leader of the Golden Coast Mycoflora Project, it is my goal to efficiently collect data and contribute to research. Nature has been my thing for as long as I can remember, and I am particularly focused on mycology, because kingdom fungi is a fascinating division that needs further investigation. The role fungi play in the environment (mycorrhizal and parasitic mutualisms) mainly interests me, and additionally, the morphology and methods of spore dispersal of mushrooms. The kind souls I have met, along with articles on systematics, genomics, and plant-fungal interactions, have been large sources of inspiration for me these days. I am a Western Field Ornithologists Youth Councilor and avid birder as well. I owe my thanks to the organizations who have shaped the enthusiasm I have for nature today: Los Angeles Mycological Society, Inspiring Girls Expeditions, Western Field Ornithologists, Sonoma County Mycological Association, Fungal Diversity Survey, Central Valley Bird Club, American Birding Association, Mycological Society of America, and the Pasadena and Conejo Valley Audubon Societies. Thrilled to be a part of the iNaturalist community; cheers to science and let us respect the wilderness and bask in the glow of its beauty!

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