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Hi! Welcome my my iNaturalist page!

During the height of the pandemic (in my area) mixed with being a gardening shut-in, I became profoundly interested in plants and animals around me! Learning about what’s in my very own backyard and environment of Campobello Island NB (Canada) has greatly impacted how I view the world around me. As someone who has a lot of anxiety, focusing on the small things around me really helps me feel inner peace. The world doesn’t feel so big and overwhelming when I’m learning about all these hidden gems with my son, Raidan, who is 6! He also shares my love for our beautiful Island and it’s surroundings. He loves to help me find fungi and I love to teach him all the new stuff I’ve learned!

My fascination of focus is medicinal plants & fungi! The internet is my greatest source of education and since my generation fails to use it to its fullest potential I feel so enlightened to be able to educate myself from home. What started out as a hobby has enriched my life so much! Who knew that the most simple of “weeds” had healing properties/benefits? In a world that’s slowly going to crap it’s comforting to know that I can rely on my own backyard for other sources of food and medicine if I need it!!

Thank you for reading my little rant & thank you Monotropa Uniflora (Ghost Pipes) for sparking my interest a year ago! Now get out and explore the world around you!!! Nature is the best classroom!!!

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