Natasha Taylor

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Just a well-intentioned amateur that loves living things!
Recently uploaded my twenty thousandth observation: this little strobe ant!
Recently uploaded my thousandth species: this Pollanisus sp. moth!

Shout out to a couple of projects I think deserve more love:
Multiple life stages, a project for when you have more than one life stage in an observation (e.g. mumma duck and some ducklings).
Mating behaviour because it's important to know when and where organisms are mating.
Great southern bioblitz will certainly do fine without my shout-out, but it's a really cool event and I encourage others to participate! It's over for this year, though: keep an eye out for it next year!

Older observation milestones!
My ten thousandth observation: this beautiful lynx spider!
Half order of magnitude celebration: 3162nd observation!
My thousandth observation: scared little Oxyopes!
Half order of magnitude celebration: 316th observation!
My hundredth observation: a little fly taken with my phone!

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