Patrick Wake

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A teenager absolutely obsessed by the natural world!:)
I’ve always loved birds and I’m pretty good with my local plants, I’m in the south-west based north of Perth but I travel a bit mainly to find new bird species but I love photographing any interesting or different things.

Recently I’ve become very interested in insects and have a small collection of things I’ve found dead, I’m attempting to make a book on the beetles of the Perth region but my knowledge is limited so any help I can get is valuable.

I also created and help to admin the 'Beetles Of The Perth Region' project:
(Please when submitting to the project make sure that it's at subfamily level or lower, if you want to submit but aren't sure of ID please tag me)

I’m trying to broaden my knowledge to reptiles, amphibians, aquatic life and mammals on-top of the basic understanding of the ones I get locally.

When I’m old enough I hope to be a Biologist.

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