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Actually I'm a physicist, so I have no special education in biology. But since my youth I have been a nature lover. Now, when I'm retired, I have the time (and the equipment) to follow my desire for taking pictures of wild species. As everybody can see, I'm very fond of roe deer and, since they have become really rare in the area where I live, brown hare. My attempts at botany are mostly feeble and I appreciate the support from the community. In addition, since end of July 2016, I get support by a very valuable reference book: 1. Henning Haeupler and Thomas Muer, Bildatlas der Farn- und Blütenpflanzen Deutschlands, 2nd Ed., Eugen Ulmer KG, Stuttgart, 2007.

Attention: Since 2015, I don't set my camera to sommer time. It remains at CET. So, the times of my observations also always are CET although iNat automatically sets the acronym to CEST. Actually this isn't true in sommer 2018 from April 27 on.

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