Rashmiya Hasan

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Hello, I’m a 12-year-old young birder from Frisco, Texas. I love all Wildlife, and am most interested in arthropods, microorganisms, herptiles, plants, and birds. I've always been fascinated with wildlife. I love INaturalist as being a part of the bigger picture is exciting, knowing that I am helping just a little at a time. I have to give it to the California Academy of Sciences. I think they came up with a powerful idea: Helping the world by harnessing the power of citizen science, getting the public involved. I think it’s really amazing to see everyone working together and collaborating. I quite often make mistakes in my IDs. And I learn everyday! I am extremely grateful for the community being there to help and correct my mistakes. I would like to meet other (young) birders and naturalists, and I’m am extremely eager to learn, please do message me with tips, ideas and advice!

I’m sort of socially awkward, and I have a hard time talking to people! And I tend to overshare. So if I say something that makes little to no sense or is "odd", please do ask me to further explain what I meant.

(As of March 2020, my camera is out of commission. Sadly, I have no idea when I’ll be able submit observations again. But I’ll still be active and help out with ID-ing stuff.)
Edit: (April 2020, my camera is now back again)

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