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🍁 strong appreciation and passion for education and the natural world 🍁 enjoy exploring new and interesting areas 🍁 lifelong learner 🍁 purchased a compound microscope (Amscope) and dissecting scope (Walter) in Fall 2020 so I could start attempting to ID mosses and liverworts beyond the handful identifiable in the field. It's been a lot of work but very enjoyable and I must admit, addictive. 🍁 Robinson-Huron Treaty Area 🍁 Professor, Sault College, Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario 🍁 IG @rob_routledge 🍁

VASCULAR PLANTS (excluding grasses, sedges and rushes) (Needs ID)
---all GALIUM sightings (RG and Needs ID)
---all RUBUS sightings (RG and Needs ID)
---all SALIX sightings (RG and Needs ID)
---all SOLIDAGO sightings (RG and Needs ID)
---all family POTAMOGETONACEAE sightings (RG and Needs ID)
GRASSES (Poaceae) (Needs ID)
---GRASSES (Poaceae) (RG)
SEDGES (Cyperaceae) (Needs ID)
---SEDGES (Cyperaceae) (RG)
---all CAREX sect. Cyperoideae sightings (RG and Needs ID)
RUSHES (Juncaceae) (Needs ID)
---RUSHES (Juncaceae) (RG)

true MOSSES (Class Bryopsida) (RG and Needs ID)
Sphagnum mosses (Class Sphagnopsida) (RG and Needs ID)
---- Sphagnum subgenus Cuspidata (RG and Needs ID)

LIVERWORTS (Phylum Marchantiophyta)

tracking my moss and liverwort entries



MAMMAL sightings (mostly tracks and signs)

Michigan LICHENS

tracking my lichen entries

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