Rob Routledge

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🇨🇦 enjoy exploring new and interesting areas and the finds that await || greatest interest in vascular and non-vascular plants || I attempt to take images of the features I see via dissecting and compound microscopes while keying out mosses and liverworts to allow others to confirm or correct my identifications' but also to hopefully help others || strong appreciation and passion for education and the natural world || Professor, Sault College, Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario || Anishinaabewaki. Robinson-Superior and Robinson-Huron Treaty Areas ||

mosses and liverworts
Ecodistrict 5e-13

LIVERWORTS (requiring ID) - phylum Marchantiophyta
MOSSES (requiring ID) - Class Bryopsida
Class Sphagnopsida
Class Polytrichopsida
Class Andreaeopsida

Voucher specimens were collected with permission (e.g., private landowner) or permits (e.g., Ontario Parks), where required.

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