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Hello! I am an amateur naturalist currently living in Florida who enjoys herping as well as birding.

I identify reptiles and birds from all over the world, as well as do local IDs. My interests are geckos, Florida and other southern amphibians, gators, gopher tortoises, anoles, US snakes, and waterbirds.

I am particularly good at global identifications with:
-South America
-And sometimes New Zealand

I am currently working on sphaerodactylus gecko species, California's reptiles, spiny lizards (North American), skinks (Global), box turtles, and newts and salamanders.

If you need help on identifying an anole, gecko, or snake, feel free to reach out to me personally—you can tag me in a comment by writing @ then my username. :) (though please note, I do not identify roadkill of any species)

For the newbies, here are a few links to pages you might find useful:
-Getting Started Guide
-Frequently Asked Questions
-iNaturalist Forum
-iNaturalist Blog

My projects:

(If I mark your observation as a favorite, then I will probably be coming back to identify it after I do more research. I will also fav the finest and highest quality observations, as well as any unique events observed.)

2021 iNat stats: see my most popular observations and identifications here

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