william van Niekerk

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Based just east of Lusaka.

Interested in everything that moves (and plants occasionally get a look-in too), and cycle through taxonomic orders as I work through my own ever-growing backlog. Every time I make a plan to go to UNZA library there is a strike or a disease outbreak and they close, so for the sake of public health I am usually limited to works that are available for free online. As such, if all my I.D.'s are 70 years out of date, blame the Mickey Mouse Effect.

I am most reliably interested in the Orthoptera (I forked out for Descamps Monographie des Thericleidae and so I try to get my money's worth out of it. It was not cheap) and African Solifuges (victims of a misinformation campaign that dates back to Pliny at the very least), so when I venture I.D.'s beyond Zambia's borders, it is usually in these groups.

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