Guide to the "somewhat confusing Zelus"

This one is for @sambiology (and others with a Zelus handicap).

Feel free to share the link to this journal post:

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How dare you. How DARE you?!?

Also, thank you. ;)

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I added Stenocoris because it always throws me for a loop.

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This is good! All it needs now is a guide to the nymphs!

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This is fantastic. Sure wish it would pop up as resource whenever anyone was IDing to genus or any of those species.

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I totally agree with the last 2 posts! Especially good for n00bs like me...this article is great! I'm going to app options/help at the bottom of webpage is "feedback" & I will post a link to this thread, maybe someone can get this added as a reference when selecting this bug! 😁

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