Vote for the Best May Photo-observation

The May candidates for Photo-Observation of the Month have been selected by Kent McFarland. There were several thousand observations in May. What's a busy naturalist to do? Make up a selection rule of course. This month's selections were based on wonderful insect colors. And since Kent couldn't really decide and there are so many insects, he gives us 7 to choose from. Just like last month, if you are reading this, you are one of the judges. Look at the observations listed below and vote by adding a comment to this message with your selection number. The observation with the most votes wins.


Would you like to select the finalists for the June vote? The first to claim the prestige will have the honors!

Publicado el junio 2, 2013 07:43 TARDE por kpmcfarland kpmcfarland


1. Smile!

Publicado por kpmcfarland hace alrededor de 11 años

7 summitting!

Publicado por kylejones hace alrededor de 11 años

4. What a color scheme!

Publicado por rpayne hace alrededor de 11 años

2. I liked that one the first time I saw it.

Publicado por susanelliott hace alrededor de 11 años

1 for me!

Publicado por joannerusso hace alrededor de 11 años

1. striking color pattern, clear focus, green leaf background is great.

Publicado por jerry2000 hace alrededor de 11 años


Publicado por evening hace alrededor de 11 años

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