ALL of Cephalopoda has been reviewed – it is ready for 'completion'

I originally wanted to complete this in sections throughout the course of the week. I instead went all in and reviewed all remaining non-Octopodiformes cephalopods at once. Every squid, cuttlefish, nautilus, and related mollusc is now in-line with WoRMS. Cephalopoda in its entirety is ready to be considered a complete taxon. I hope @loarie will mark the node as such and incorporate the Cephalopod Working Group into the Taxonomic Working Groups umbrella project. The changes I have committed can be viewed here under the group name "Cephalopod Working Bee". Known discrepancies are as follows:

deviations from WoRMS:
• Several extinct nautiluses on iNat are not in WoRMS, namely Nautilus alumnus, N. costellatus, N. discors, and N. trochlea. The names were imported from uBio, and I found some of the same taxa on other authorities like FossilWorks. Their absence on WoRMS is unusual because they do include other extinct nautiliods, just not these ones specifically. This is a low-priority discrepancy due to their extinct status.
Chiroteuthoides is an accepted genus on WoRMS I deactivated on iNaturalist . Like Polypus, it has no valid children. Its only child is taxon inquirendum.
Tankaia borealis and Leachia rynchophorus are unreviewed taxa on WoRMS. I deactivated them on iNaturalist and I recommend waiting on clarification from WoRMS.

potential issues:
• WoRMS recognizes four extant Nautilus species: N. belauensis, N. macromphalus, N. pompilius, and N. stenomphalus. iNaturalist’s taxonomy currently matches this. However, I believe recent phylogenetic work suggests that only two are valid – N. macromphalus and N. pompilius.
• The iNat cuttlefish taxa Sepia bartletti and S. baxteri were deactivated because they are nomina dubia on WoRMS. Neither taxon had any observations attributed to them.

I will probably post a "master list" of discrepancies that includes the ones for Octopodiformes in the future for convenience. If there are any other discrepancies that come to mind, please convey them in the comment section below.

While Cephalopoda is ready to be made 'complete', I think it would be helpful to communicate with WoRMS to address the noted discrepancies. @anudibranchmom suggested @bernardpicton could be a mediator between us and WoRMS, and while I would appreciate his help, Scott also suggested that we contact Julian Finn and Bruce Hayward. They are the WoRMS Cephalopod editors. However, it was sort of ambiguous as to whether Scott was going to email them or I was...

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Great work bobby, I've marked as complete and made you a taxon curator and also added the project to

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Thank you so much, @loarie!

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