500 parks and counting

Today we reached a major kilometrestone! We have created 500 iNat "projects" for BC's provincial parks and protected areas! We have now captured 14,257 observations of 2,511 species, by 835 observers. This includes 979 species of plants, 434 species of insects, and a surprising 379 species of fungi including lichens. We also have 190 species of birds and an impressive 54 species of fish. Oh yeah, and 59 species of mammals and 43 species of spidery things. Who would have thought that fish would give mammals a run for their money?

We still have about 550 iNat projects left to create. At the rate we're going, these may be finished by the end of March, which would be two months ahead of schedule.

While creating all these provincial parks and protected areas, we were struck by the large number of parks that, frankly, we hadn't heard of before. With about 1,050 parks and protected areas across such a vast province, maybe that's not surprising. But it makes us even more keen to get out and explore these wonderful places, with camera in hand, to put them onto the iNat map. Let's get out there!

John Reynolds @johndreynolds
Brian Starzomski @bstarzomski
Andrew Simon @chlorophilia

Publicado por johndreynolds johndreynolds, 18 de febrero de 2019


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