815 protected areas and more!

We're continuing to enter in the boundaries of protected areas around British Columbia, and we're now over 800, with about 200 more to go! We've moved through creating these projects several weeks faster than we thought we would, and are excited for the Spring to hit so we can all spend lots more time making iNat observations!

We're now at 15,535 observations of 2639 species. More than 900 people have made these observations.

What can we do this summer? Push the BC Parks observations over 75,000? Over 3500 species? At least 30 parks with 1000 observations each? More than 2000 observers?

It's shaping up to be a great year of iNaturalisting around the province, and we can't wait to see the amazing things we'll see! Let's all get out there and record as many observations as we can- and remember to have fun, be safe!

Brian Starzomski @bstarzomski
John Reynolds @johndreynolds
Andrew Simon @chlorophilia

Publicado por bstarzomski bstarzomski, 03 de marzo de 2019


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