Springing into the BC Parks Big Summer!

As the weather warms and it Springs up more and more (we've found 3 Anna's Hummingbird nests in the past week, saw our first swallows today, and White-crowned Sparrows are singing all over), we're getting very excited for the BC Parks Big Summer! Using iNaturalist to record biodiversity in some of BC's most beautiful places is a dream: getting out in nature, being a naturalist, taking photos, and collecting data that helps us to better understand the natural world are our passions. What more can we learn about our protected areas? What new species can we find? Can we get dozens of parks with at least a thousand observations each? Will we push past 2000 observers? Who will find the most species this year? Who will see the rarest species? Who will observe something way out of its range, or in a totally new, unknown location? Who will take the best photo? Find out the answers to all of these, and more, during the BC Parks Big Summer!

Brian Starzomski @bstarzomski
John Reynolds @johndreynolds
Andrew Simon @chlorophilia

Publicado por bstarzomski bstarzomski, 20 de marzo de 2019


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