Visit to the Lepidoptera Society Meeting

It was an honor to present iNaturalist at the 2019 Lepidoptera Society Meeting yesterday. I got to hear about the very cool work that @marcepstein and @ivonnegarzon are doing incorporating iNaturalist into their research.

I also got to meet some personal informatics hero's: ie Jon Pelham (right) of Butterflies of America, Markku Savela (middle) of, and Steve Nanz of Moth Photographer's Group

Many thanks to Michael Collins (middle) from the Carnegie Museum of Pittsburgh for helping organize and it was a treat to mee Bob Pyle (left), the founder of the Xerces Society!

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Congrats, Scott. Looks like a wonderful gathering.

Publicado por wildmarin hace más de 1 año (Marca)

Wow, thanks for sharing this. Really nice to see Markku Savela who's work I have been following for long time.

Publicado por vijaybarve hace más de 1 año (Marca)

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