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Hi Aldinga Bay Observers ...
My latest observation of a deceased Prion ( brings my personal observation total to 300 ... 282 of which have been in the Aldinga Bay Project area!
Having walked the 3 km to the end of Shark Bay (Sellicks Beach South) and back thousands of times now, you'd think there would be nothing new to find. But like that famous 'magic pudding', there seems to be an endless supply of new discoveries to make.
For example, the following three obs - all found in the past couple of months - are things that I hadn't previously seen in the past 20 odd years of walking this stretch of coast -
Collectively, we are steadily documenting the amazing variety of marine life in the Aldinga Bay area ... keep 'em coming!

Publicado por wamoz wamoz, 18 de julio de 2019



Great work, Warwick. It's always great to see your observations and share your curiosity and joy of discovery.

Publicado por danimations hace 7 meses (Marca)

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