100,000 Observations!

Today we hit a major milestone: we hit the 100,000 observation mark! Those observations gave us 4,715 species that were contributed by 2,053 people. In our February 2019 post we wondered whether 75,000 observations and 3,500 species might be possible by the end of the summer. We never dreamed we'd blow past both of those milestones, with an extra 25,000 observations and 1,215 species! The fact that we now have 2.5 times as many observers as back in February is perhaps the best news of all, as it shows that people are catching on to how fun and useful it is to use iNat in BC Parks.

We also want to thank our partners, including our universities (University of Victoria and Simon Fraser University), as well as, of course BC Parks and the BC Parks Foundation. We also appreciate the support of the Pacific Wildlife Foundation who supported some of our marine surveys.

All of these thanks do NOT mean the project is over! Far from it, we're just getting warmed up. The project will continue "forever", and we're already making plans for expansion over the coming years. Brian says let's hit 250,000 next year, John says "is that all"? So keep iNatting our beautiful BC parks and stay tuned for more news.


Publicado por johndreynolds johndreynolds, 06 de septiembre de 2019



Congratulations! This is wonderful news and inspiring for the iNaturalist community.

Publicado por salmonskyview hace 6 meses (Marca)

Well done!!! You effortlessly surpassed your goal and managed to corral a bunch of new iNatters in the process!

Publicado por jgrant hace 22 días (Marca)

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