Puerto Rico Fungi Post Maria

After another long day of hiking and hunting for mushrooms, I finally found a good assortment of gilled. Some foresters I met with on the way spoke on how the tree canopy was ripped off by Hurricane Maria and so much sunlight is getting to the forest floor that it has turned much of the forest into jungle. It is the same story told to me at El Yunque National Forest last week. But El Yunque was really bad, forest floor visibility was less that 5% and I could only find polypores on wood above the matte of jungle on the floor.

The big mystery today was a orange cup fungus of some kind, not Orange Peel fungi but something more convoluted and less shiny.

The biggest mushroom was a gilled one with a umbrial ring.

The biggest surprise was being buzzed by a hummingbird, too bad I didn't get a photo in time.

In conclusion, it is my theory that in the Forest where light is reaching the floor, vegetation is so intense that there is too much competition for terrestrial fungi to spring up. Second, with all the Maria felled trees, the polypore decayers had a population surge.

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Diciembre 10, 2019 01:47 PM CST


Terrestrial growing near bamboo stand. Texture was brittle, like a morel


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