Voucher Label making from Observation data


I've been handwriting voucher labels for a while now and realized that if I ever want to do any collecting in volumes that this has to stop because 1) it takes a lot of time since I like to have a fair amount of info on my voucher labels 2) My penmanship is poor so cursed is the person that inherits my vouchers.

Below are two approaches for making labels. Both start with making a download of data from your observations.


I usually select






1) Microsoft Office Approach

Open up Microsoft word and select "Mailings" from the option bar. Select "Step by step Mail Merge Wizard."
Step 1 - Select labels as you document type.
Step 2 - Select label options and click "New Label" my labels are the following dimensions:
Top margin 0.1"
Label Height 2"
Side margin 0.1"
label width 2.8"
vertical pitch 2.1"
Number across 3
Horizontal pitch 2.8"
Number down 5
paper size Letter (8 1/2 x 11 in)
Step 3 - Click "Browse" and select your CSV file or Excel workbook.
Step 4 - Click "More Items" and arrange your labels how you desire by selecting on the fields you want in the label. You can type in front of the data to be merged. Then click "Update all Labels" Mine look like
iNat# «id»
Date «observed_on»
Colletor «user_login»
Place «place_guess»
«latitude», «longitude»
Species «scientific_name»
Notes «description»
Step 5 - Click "Preview Your Labels"
Step 6 - Click "Print"

Labels look like this:


1) 2) Avery Design and Print Online Approach

I really wanted to do this in google sheets but the only label / mail merge apps want access to my gmail etc., which I'm not comfortable with, so the Avery Label platform feels less intrusive. You can upload a CSV tell it the label you want to use and then modify how they look and easily print to pdf or to your printer
a) Go to https://www.avery.com/software/design-and-print/
b) make an account
c) Select Label Template 5871 - its not perfect, but its the best fit for the size of voucher labels I want
d) Click "customize" at the next screen
d) From Left side bar click " Import Data Mail Merge" and select your exported CSV from iNat
e) Use the prompts to layout your label. When moving fields in I type the following in front of the fields
iNat# «id»
Date «observed_on»
Colletor «user_login»
Place «place_guess»
«latitude», «longitude»
Species «scientific_name»
Notes «description»


f) Avery will display a single label and if you click on it you can make adjustmetns. I like to center and left justify my labels, so I do so there. I also change the font to 7. Since the iNaturalist Place guess can sometimes be long I will also take the text box and slide it so that the text is only filling 2/3 of the space.
d) Click Preview and Print


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@leptonia - something we talked about at Fungi of the Sky Islands - here is a way to make voucher labels from iNat observations.

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