Spring Observation Challenge

Spring has sprung once again at Runge. The first spring flowers are blooming, salamanders and frogs are moving to their breeding ponds, and early spring migratory birds, such as phoebes, turkey vultures, and woodcock, are showing up at the nature center. Get out and enjoy the wonderful weather by participating in our Spring Observation Challenge. Make three observations of animals or plants that let you know that spring has arrived using the iNaturalist app or website, then add those observations to the "Runge Biodiversity Project" before uploading. Watch for bursting buds, blooming flowers, reptiles, amphibians, and migrating and singing birds. After uploading your observations stop at the front desk in the nature center and receive a free field guide and aquatic-life net. Get out, explore, and observe this spring.

Publicado por amlambert11 amlambert11, 13 de marzo de 2020


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