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As some of you may have noticed, the mothership for iNaturalist Vermont will hit 1 million observations sometime this week. While this is definitely a cool milestone, here at the Vermont Atlas of Life we like to keep a closer watch on the number of Research Quality observations. These are a subset that have locations, dates, photos, and IDs corroborated by the naturalist community that can be harvested by the Global Biodiversity Information Facility, BISON and other science databases.

The subset of research grade observations has usually comprised just over half of all observations on iNaturalist. We have 11,101 observations (and growing!) that have photos but have not yet become research grade.

Can you help us close the gap by putting your ID skills to task? Here's a link to the iNaturalist Vermont observations that need your help.

Let's help iNaturalist hit a half million research grade observations and iNaturalist Vermont become even better. With darkness arriving early, its a perfect time of year to be a virtual naturalist!

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Thanks to Susan Elliott for research-grading a ton of my white pine and striped maple observations!

Publicado por charlie hace más de 9 años

I wonder if there is or if we could have a way to rapidly ID things. So if I look at White Pine like this: I can actually see most are white pine without even opening them. It would be neat to be able to agree in batch form. Now, this could be dangerous so maybe only certain curators have the power to do this or something. Hmmm.

Publicado por kpmcfarland hace más de 9 años

Nearly 200 have now been IDed. Nice work folks! down to 10.9 K left. Little by little!

Publicado por kpmcfarland hace más de 9 años

Yeah, white pine is practically cheat mode though. Part of why I end up putting so many of them in. Lowest hanging um... cones.

Publicado por charlie hace más de 9 años

heck, with this it's really easy to verify even from the air photo:

Publicado por charlie hace más de 9 años

I need help with the to upload a photo from my phone to the site...can't find instructions.

Publicado por aawad hace más de 9 años

Are you trying to use the app or put the photo on using your computer? If you have the photo on the computer the second video here explains how to make an observation:

Otherwise it depends on whether you have an android or iphone. Either way if you have observations on the phone it should have a button that says 'sync' and that will upload them to the webpage where you cn edit them further.

Publicado por charlie hace más de 9 años

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