Challenge Winners!

Today is the last official day of our June Nature Challenge. Thank you to all the observers and identifiers. Your were instrumental in adding important ecological data and making this a super fun event!

Here are the challenge winners. If your username is listed below, please contact us at to claim your prize:

Most observations made 1st place: Graysons
Most observations made runner up: Jeffbalmat
Most species observed: Graysons
Most species observed runner up: Migo111
Most identifications made: Steve Jones
Most identifications made runner up: Steve Ganley
Random drawing winner: Steph150
Random drawing winner: earthlovinggari (Ari)
Random drawing winner: diana97 (Diana Henry)
Random drawing winner: Susan Lamb

While our official online challenge has ended, we encourage you to join our iNaturalsit Willow Bend Nature Challenge project and keep adding observations! This project will remain open indefinitely.

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