1 Observation a day for 1 month. My January 2016 challenge

After following @sambiology and @jmaughn and seeing the amazing variety of life they recorded in 2015 I felt that I had learned something very important in using iNaturalist as a tool to be more conscious about exploring the living world around me. For January 2016 I gave myself the goal of making at least one observation a day to focus the conscious effort of looking for life. It was a great experience, especially on the days that I was only able to make one or two observations. It is easy to be delighted by the wonders of the natural world when you go for a hike outside or explore a new area, but those days where I barely escaped airports, conference rooms or office spaces I found it amazing that with a little more conscious effort the number of really amazing organisms that live everywhere, even in "un-exciting" spaces.

I ended up with 771 observations for the month, a little over 200 species, 117 new life list additions and 1 big appreciation for iNaturalist community and platform.

I urge everyone to try the 1 observation a day for 1 month challenge. You'll be surprised at what it helps you see in the world around you.

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Challenge accepted!

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I will post at least one old and one new observation/day for February.

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I love love love this challenge. I'd told folks that I observe something every day because every day, we interact with nature! Even if it's some bug in the office to a 'weed' in a flower garden -- nature is all around us. :)

Biophilia! :)

Publicado por sambiology hace más de 7 años

Glad to see the challenge getting accepted! Excited to see what all of you find.

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Challenge completed! I almost messed up yesterday, because I was caught up in catching up with work, but then I remembered at about 5:00, and I was able to do a walk around the neighborhood during the last light of the day. Also, I thought I messed up, because I didn't make an observation February 2, but then I saw that you posted this challenge on the 3rd, so I figured that didn't count since I've made an observation every day since I accepted that challenge. I think I posted about 133 observations, both old and new, in February with at least 1 new observation daily.

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It's a blast! :)

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