Africa is engaged in the Great Southern BioBlitz 2021

Great Southern BioBlitz 2021 - Southern Africa

The African contingent is looking Amazing with 14 areas already on the map representing six countries including Eswatini, Zambia, Zimbabwe , three projects from Botswana ( Botswana South, Gaborone & SE, Botswana Central), Kenya and seven projects from South Africa ( eThekwini,Tshwane, Nelson Mandela Bay, Zululand, West Rand Jhb, Cape Town, Garden Route)

Join team Africa and show the world, there is more than just the big 'Five' although the Giraffe is cool!

South African Giraffe Giraffa camelopardalis ssp. giraffa observed by © Tony Rebelo
Team Africa have an regional umbrella project so have a look for your nearest project in

"Great Southern Bioblitz 2021 southern Africa umbrella"

Not in Africa? Have a look at the communities that have joined via the Great Southern Bioblitz 2021 Umbrella from across the global south!

To find out more information about this event, check out our website at Great Southern Bioblitz

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Publicado por saltmarshsteve saltmarshsteve, 05 de julio de 2021


Thanks for this annoucements - As we get closer to the date I shall make sure that the news is widespread.
I hope you will send a reminder or reminderSSSS here and on FB !
Thank you for this intiative.
Best wishes,
Anne (ready to survey the Ituri highlands once more)....

Publicado por annelaudisoit hace más de 1 año (Marca)

Will do! Anne, we currently have no projects in Uganda do you know someone in a position to create one?
you can also join the African umbrella project if you like to keep up with African specific news!

Publicado por saltmarshsteve hace más de 1 año (Marca)

People around Murchison NP, Queen Elizabeth park . and Bunyonyi lake would be perfect ! I shall try to connect them to inat!

Publicado por annelaudisoit hace más de 1 año (Marca)

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