August Mini-Challenge: Common Species Scavenger Hunt!

It's time for our final Summer of Nature Challenge! But first, the July results...

Congrats to @lisabrundage for sweeping all categories! She posted the most observations and found the most species in July AND she won the July mini-challenge with 4 moth observations! @sasha11 and @clow also posted Lepidopteran observations! Great job everyone!

For the month of August, we're going to do a common species scavenger hunt. Last year, we did the most commonly observed North American species. This year, we're looking for the top 25 most observed species in New York State. These are nearly all widely-distributed species in the US, so even if you're not in NY right now, you should still be able to find most of them. You'll have until August 31 to find them all. We'll also announce our top observers over the whole summer and our top species finders.

Here are the top 25 species. I recommend printing this out so you can check them off! Happy observing!

Publicado por klodonnell klodonnell, 02 de agosto de 2021


Too bad I haven't been able to make the eastern newt a top 25 species!

Publicado por lisabrundage hace 3 meses (Marca)

Ah, that's the dream, @lisabrundage. It's actually the 36th most observed species in NYS and the second most observed amphibian (see here). It's only about 500 observations out of the top 25!

Publicado por klodonnell hace 3 meses (Marca)

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