Macaulay Summer of Nature 2021 Results!

Great job making observations all summer, Macaulay Team! Together we made 503 observations of 253 species. Our top observed groups are plants (44%), insects (22%), and birds (14%). Thanks to everyone who made observations all summer: @lisabrundage, @klodonnell, @sasha11, @emilyrice, @kov, @josephugoretz, and @clow!

Here's our final leaderboard:

Congrats to our top observer @lisabrundage and our top species finder @klodonnell.

As a team, we made observations in the east and west of the US:

And finally, our rankings for the August Challenge (NYS top species scavenger hunt) were:
@klodonnell (10/25)
@lisabrundage (6/25)
@emilyrice (4/25)

Publicado por klodonnell klodonnell, 14 de septiembre de 2021


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