The competition has started

At one second after midnight last night the competition started. As of 10am this morning only a few observations have been posted but this doesn't mean that people aren't out recording observations!

Remember that although observations must be recorded within the 2-week time frame but they don't need to be uploaded in the field. It is possible to upload when your return home at the end of the day when you have your feet up. It is also possible to batch upload if you go online to

If you are feeling competitive then go outdoors and find a good spot and then stand still and look all around. How many species of wildflowers, trees, shrubs, insects, birds do you see? If you see mushrooms do you also see slugs? Are there ants and/or bees on plants? If you see a spider what is its web attached to? If you are bitten by a mosquito then after you swat it take its photo.

When you share an observation remember that you can include/combine multiple photos and/or sound recordings. Make the first photo in the group the best photo as this is the one that the iNat software will use to suggest names.

Remember to only agree to a suggested name if you recognize it - not all suggestions are correct!

Also review the names suggested by others and learn over time - you may initially post an observation and call it plant but you should soon be able to recognize species such as Rosa rugosa and differentiate it from multiflora and wild rose. Example.

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