Turkey Tail- Raelene Verbruggen

Turkey tails are mushrooms found virtually anywhere in the world as they grow on dead trees, logs, or stumps. Turkey tails have many human uses, most notably being in medicine. The medical use of the turkey tail has been around for centuries and in Japan, it symbolizes spiritual strength and a sense of longevity. They have shown to have an impressive number of antioxidants including, phenol which promotes immune system health and do so by stimulating the release of protective compounds and reducing inflammation. (Kubala, 2018). Interestingly a “test-tube study found that PSK, the polysaccharopeptide found in turkey tail mushrooms, inhibited the growth and spread of human colon cancer cells” (Kubala, 2018)

Publicado por raeleneverbruggen raeleneverbruggen, 14 de octubre de 2021


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