Eagles and Owls

Twenty-four observations were added during the week and there's more to come since I have a half a dozen or so that still needs uploading. Weather is not holding up in the eastern side of the state, so though birding is slow, we can still look forward to what's next.

The observation of the week goes to @chrisrohrer for a photo of a Great Gray Owl blending into the forest of the Okanogan region. As I continue to tell everybody, this region in north-central Washington is a raptor magnet and it's a shame no one really birds the area. But when you see one of the largest owls in the Americas, it's definitely a thrilling experience. You can see the image here:


As for the following week, you folks need to hold up the team. Starting Saturday, I start my vacation to the Oregon coast so I won't be within the project's perimeters. I'm hoping that my pelagic trip won't be cancelled but the ocean is not being very cooperative. But even if it's a no-go, I'm stilling be birding along the coast for most of the weekend. So photograph some raptors while I'm gone and make me jealous!

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