October Summary

Top 5 Species (October):
Red-tailed Hawk -- 43 obs
Bald Eagle -- 14 obs (new to Top 5)
Great Horned Owl -- 12 (returns to Top 5)
American Kestrel -- 9 (-1)
Merlin -- 8 (new to Top 5)

Top 5 Species (Overall):
Red-tailed Hawk -- 235 obs
Turkey Vulture -- 60 obs
Osprey -- 52 obs
American Kestrel -- 49 obs (+1)
Swainson's Hawk -- 44 obs (-1)

Total Species Overall: 29

Top 5 Observers (Observations): birdwhisperer 205 obs, @cgates326 48 obs, @masonmaron 41 obs, @andybridges 40 obs, @jnelson 17 obs

Top 5 Observers (Species): birdwhisperer 18 species, cgates 14 species, masonmaron 10 species, andybridges 9 species, jnelson 9 species

Species Still Not Observed: White-tailed Kite, Snowy Owl, Northern Hawk-Owl, Spotted Owl, Boreal Owl, Gyrfalcon -- 6 species

New Species in October: Rough-legged Hawk -- 1 species

Counties Needing Observations: WA -- Columbia -- OR -- Gilliam, Morrow, Jefferson

News and What to Expect in November: The next thirty days, we should be keeping our eyes out for winter specialty species. That includes Rough-legged Hawks, Gyrfalcons and Snowy Owls. Thought your best chances of seeing these species is in December, they can show up around now. Also look for other, more common wintering species like Harlan's Hawk or vagrant Red-tails. In fact, I might've spotted an Eastern Red-tailed today in Idaho, unfortunately not within the perimeters of the project but it could end up here.

For the week of October 21-27, I'm nominating myself for the Observation of the Week for a fine Red-tailed Hawk in Walla Walla. What can I say about them, they're fantastic and honestly, I can't wait for my mind to go through the loops when the migrants come and I have to sort them out. You can see my photo here:


Observation of the Month goes to @joy41 for a photo of a Bald Eagle in Summer Lake, Oregon. The national bird, it looks like he's kind of sick of the photographer. But we can all agree raptors always have a perpetual glare. Link to that photo below:


In terms of pacing, the project is now at 686 observations! If we post up to 30 observations per week in order to break our 2020 record, and if we want the all-time record, we need at least 40 observation per week to break it. However October was not the best month for new observations, when there's just as many cool stuff about. So just take pictures, even if it's the Red-tailed in your neighborhood. Good luck to you all and I hope you have a good month.

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