Two Weeks Worth

It has been crazy two weeks, hence why I haven't posted, but with the additions of 84 observations, we now sit at 760 reports this project season. This little push in reports now puts us on pace to break last year's record and possibly even the 2019 season. So keep up the good work!

The Observation of the Week (Oct 28-Nov 3) goes to @joy41 for an image of a perched juvenile Northern Harrier at Summer Lake, Oregon. I always find aging harriers really difficult but this one we can tell is a hatch year individual based on the relatively unstreaked underparts and strong rufous wash. Females tend to be more brownish or whitish with heavily streaked underparts. But you get those oddballs that blur the lines with aging, we're just lucky this one is so easy!

The Observation of the Week (Nov 4-10) goes to @flammulated for a Northern Saw-whet Owl in the Steens, Oregon. This is the fourth saw-whet owl of the project but by far the best quality image yet. What amazes me about these little owls is how often they're overlooked. I read a post at Rocky Point Bird Observatory that they caught and banded 1,000 saw-whets this fall season! Imagine if we could find them at their day roosts as often as they are caught. Just wow!

Winter is starting to set in and it looks like we have a good winter ahead of us. I'm seeing an redpoll irruption that is long overdue in the West, so what does that mean for other species? Could this be the year of the Snowy Owl? Gyrfalcon? Only one way to find out.

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