Silk Moth Cocoon Search this Sunday at Zebedee!

Join Julia Pupko and some avid community naturalists this Sunday, December 19 at noon to search for silk moth cocoons at Zebedee Wetlands!

We will discuss different silk moth cocoons, uploading them to iNaturalist, then spend an hour or two searching for them! Please bring masks, binoculars/cameras if you have them, and tick-protective gear!

Location: Houghton Hill Rd, Fairlee, VT 05045
Coordinates: 43.824158970423234, -72.22652201534207

Sign up here:

Publicado el diciembre 14, 2021 08:57 TARDE por jpupko jpupko


feel free to post this on the VES FB page if possible - still tick protective gear - geez

Publicado por mothvet hace más de 2 años

I will check that out! Thanks!

Publicado por jpupko hace más de 2 años

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