Guard House - Bedroom

I've been making video's of Andrena working on their nests, coming and going to forage etc.... I've been seeing something that looks like a "Mothers room" near the entrance to the nest. This nest belongs to a mid season Andrena Species and rain has washed away the loose dirt covering the nest structures. At the top of the shaft she builds a right angle entrance to the shaft and I think the bulb in the structure near the opening is mom's "guard shack" / bedroom where she stands guard when not working down with the brood to exclude predators and parasites. Does any one Know if I'm right?

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Earth Moving Bee

This next clip is a continuation of nest work from "Earth Moving Bee"
Bee excavating nest & building nest entrance

This next clip is a vertical shaft style nest. When I recorded it I thought she was obtaining material for the closure from inside the shaft, but I've seen other bees taking refuge in an upper chamber of the nest.

Bee Butts

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Abejas de Primavera (Género Andrena)




Junio 2022


Lovely--must be a lot of clay in that soil, it's so red.

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