Little Bee in an Andrena Nest

Little Bee does not appear to be parasitic in the nest she has moved into. She was recorded Returning to the nest at least six times from forage for pollen yesterday. I missed at least one return trip to the nest due to rain and maybe one for an unusually long camera battery change. Needed a fresh one from the charger at home.

I changed my camera angle in part because I don't leave behind Tripod targets for next day set up though I should think about making 1 or 2, and in part to better show the difference in size of the bee that lives in the hole now compared to the Andrena that probably dug the nest originally This was a very busy nest site yesterday with a few spiders, a spider hunting wasp and a 2nd Andrena not from the nest shown in my last blog post.

Publicado por little_mousie little_mousie, 17 de junio de 2022


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Little Bee


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