Unintended Consequences

Ever since I recorded Priocnemis oregona going down the bee hole and @beespeaker asked about how big was it, I've been thinking about putting a scale in the shot when I record Video to help constrain the size of the subject in the image. This afternoon I noticed a sweet little Furrow Bee smiling up at me from her front porch, getting ready to go for a fly about. I decided to have a go at measuring the bee in the video.


Watch around the 4cm mark for the antenna to start wiggling.

I read allot of diverse topics. Memory maps and "Bug Vision" both fascinate me. Some time last week +/- I read:

Object Recognition in Flight: How Do Bees Distinguish between 3D Shapes?

It had not occurred to me that I might be setting up a demonstration of the concepts in the document. Watch how the bee's first order of business is making a 3D memory map of my ruler.

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