Nudibranch Common Names

I am synonymizing all Eastern Pacific nudibranch English common names with the new edition: Behrens et al, "Nudibranchs and Sea Slugs of the Eastern Pacific," 2022. This means that some of your old faves (Hermissenda crassicornis, Abronia abronica, Acanthodoris lutea, etc) will have slightly different, possibly new-to-you primary common names. Yes, your old favorite names are still retained. Ah, change...

Publicado el 23 de agosto de 2022 por anudibranchmom anudibranchmom


Neat. Which changes do you anticipate will cause the most heartburn?

Publicado por muir hace 9 meses (Marca)

Hahaha so much angst - ALL OF THEM ;-)

Publicado por anudibranchmom hace 9 meses (Marca)


Publicado por muir hace 9 meses (Marca)

I think the Sea Goddesses got the short end of the stick. Does an Orange-peel Doris smell like Sandalwood?

Publicado por christrent hace 9 meses (Marca)

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