Sonoran Desert Toad Report

I was walking back to my dorm room after dinner; it must have been 8:45 PM. It was quite dark and the only light was coming from my phone. As I turned the corner, a toad the size of my fist, came out of nowhere. It was a dark green-gray color, with a creamy white belly. It had big spherical black eyes. As I took out my phone to take a picture it started to hop its way towards me. Startled, I ran back hoping it wouldn’t get too close to me, but luckily it stopped. I took out my phone again quickly, taking a picture and then going into my dorm.
After my careful research, I have come to realize that the animal I saw was a Sonoran Desert Toad. This toad is known for its green-gray color, with a creamy white underbelly. They are from the animal kingdom, and are amphibians. What makes amphibians unique is that they go through a change from larva to adult called metamorphosis. The Sonoran Desert Toad’s family is Bufonidae. There are a total of 596 species in the Bufonidae family, which is quite a large number. Some other well known species from the Bufodinae family are the Oak Toad, as well as the American Toad.
Sonoran Desert Toads inhabit a large variety of habitats including desert scrub, grasslands, muddy areas, and oak-pine woodlands. Because of the habitats they live in, Sonoran Desert Toads are most commonly found in Central Arizona to Southwest New Mexico. Because of the hot climates of the areas in which they live, they are mostly nocturnal during the hot summer months. They can still be found during these months but much less commonly. They are mostly seen during fall, spring, and sometimes winter. This is because in the hotter southern states, these months have temperatures that are not too hot or cold.
The diet of Sonoran Desert Toads varies, but adults eat mainly beetles and other small critters. Some of the larger toads have been known, on occasion, to eat other toads, and even mice and rats. Other animals who interfere with the toads may be intoxicated in the eyes, mouth, and nose. It is recommended that people with pets be careful because Sonoran Desert Toads have been known to harm them. I enjoyed learning about this fascinating animal, and I hope you have to.

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