Reasons and ways to keep observing

I'm sure many of at least once experience the fatigue related to overobserving or editing/uploading many observations via short time spawn which causes us to lose will to go out and observe more. This periods often happen in the warmer months of the year, so each day you don't observe you possibly don't see some new species! Beause of that I decided to make a list of motivational reasons to keep going, it's still in the work, so please feel free to suggest new ideas.
1) Nobody, but you: check observations in the local area for the current month, likely you will see that many common species still lack observations or, worse, there're white spots on the map without any observations at all -- get up and go!
1.1) Check the "Easily missed" app and find the species listed there, it helps!
2) Observation streaks: having longer streaks may motivate you to go out to not lose it, but make sure you're not working on portfolio of spider Vasya that lives in the bathroom and that you actually go out and observe, try not observing the same specimens for this!
3) Life list: lots of species can be observed only in a short period of time, sometimes less than a month, research what you can find locally that you've missed before and try to find it nearby.
4) "Too many now, but nothing later": now you may think there's already too many observations to go through and upload, but in winter months you won't think so, having a backlog isn't bad and will keep you busy later.
5) Help others to open your eyes: id observations from your town/locality and you'll quickly realise you're missing on something you need to see!
6) Top of the top: check different tops, like world/country/area observers, maybe you lack 5 plants to be in to-10 worldwide or 2 specimens to be top observer of a species?
7) Nature at your fingerprints: if you can, move to a place where you have little to no boundaries to go out, e.g. living on a 15th floor can make a person distance himself from outside, less time you need to spend to see something wild the better chances that you will go and see it!
8) Upload constant number of observations per day, e.g. tell yourself that uploading 100 observations a day is a treshhold you need, and don't push yourself more if you're tired, that way you will have more free time for observing and backlog pile will go down anyway.

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