Welcome to the Pinnacles Centennial BioBlitz!

We invite you to come out to Pinnacles on Saturday, May 21 to join us in documenting our biodiversity, using iNaturalist as our primary platform. Any iNaturalist records from within the boundary of Pinnacles National Park during the 24-hour day will count toward the BioBlitz tally.

You are of course free to go out on your own and record observations throughout the park, or you can join one of our BioBlitz activities. For more information:


Publicado por euproserpinus euproserpinus, 18 de mayo de 2016



I'm looking forward to an entire day iNatting Pinnacles! See you Saturday!

Publicado por gbentall hace casi 4 años (Marca)

Great! See you then!

Publicado por euproserpinus hace casi 4 años (Marca)

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