Thanks for participating!

Results are coming in and it looks like the 2016 Sagehen Bioblitz was a big success. We even found and vouchered a plant that we needed for our herbarium collection!

See the links for more details, to add your observations, or to ID someone else's. We could beat 2015's record if we get just a few more obs. Also, we need less than 50 more observations to break 5,000 for the Sagehen Basin, so get yours in ASAP!

2016 Sagehen Bioblitz results:

  • 208 observations
  • 87 species
  • 18 people

2015 Sagehen Bioblitz results:

  • 216 observations
  • 98 species
  • 19 people

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Great job! :)

Publicado por sambiology hace alrededor de 4 años (Marca)

Thanks, Sam!

Publicado por faerthen hace alrededor de 4 años (Marca)

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