Bush Blitz Citizen Science Award

We are thrilled to let you know that the winner of the Threatened Species Commissioner's inaugural Bush Blitz Citizen Science Award is Nick Lambert (@nicklambert)! Nick's entry included a sound recording of the threatened Eastern Ground Parrot (one of only six observations of the species in iNaturalist). Nick is also the top contributor to the Backyard Species Discovery project and has more than 34,000 observations in iNaturalist. We're handing the rest of this post over to Nick but don't forget that entries for the Bush Blitz Scavenger Hunt must be in by this Sunday 20 September.

Since I was first able to walk, I have always loved the sense of adventure I get from being outdoors. Exploring, noticing and ...más ↓

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Bush Blitz is Australia’s largest species discovery program - a partnership between the Australian Government, BHP and Earthwatch. Bush Blitz takes expert taxonomists on expeditions to remote locations to record plants and animals. Now anyone can join the Bush Blitz team on a virtual expedition, from anywhere in Australia!

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