Plants That Bloom in Mount Royal - Kari Smith

1) White rattlesnake-root is a flower which is of the kingdom plantae, order asterales, family asteraceae, tribe cichorieae, genus nabalus and species nabalus albus. It is in the dandelion tribe, and it is within the daisy family.
2) Every species observed has multiple adaptations in common, one of them being that each of the species blooms either fruit or flowers. Fruits and flowers that are present on plants are often key parts of that plant's reproductive system, as flowers are what produce pollen which is necessary for fertilization, and as fruits protect seeds as they mature and help spread them once they are ready.
3) A unique adaptation that white rattlesnake-root has is that the seeds have little tufts of hair, which help them spread in the wind when released so that they can be dispersed farther.

Bebeau, G. D. (2014). The friends of the wild Flower Garden, inc. White Rattlesnake Root, Prenanthes alba L. Retrieved September 20, 2021, from

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