Moths on Nevis April 2022

As well as the butterflies I recorded, I did also manage to find a few moths on Nevis, so I thought perhaps I would try to list them here. Some of the IDs may be incorrect. And many are incomplete.

Towards the end of the list I have included several observations which may be duplicate species. Since I know so little, this was in the hope that someone more expert can tell me what is what.

The first group of small drab moths are from a grazing area inland a short distance, an area which is rich in Desert Horse Purslane and Alkali Heliotrope. The second group of drab-colored moths is from an area on the upper beach platform which has mostly Beach Morning Glory. I am assuming that at least some of the moth species that are present in each area are using the dominant plant(s) as a food species for their larvae.


Genus Micrathetis

Cabbage Webworm Moth maybe

Crambid Moths

Owlet Moths and Allies

Hawaiian Beet Webworm Moth.

Genus Achyra

Achyra bipedalis

Achyra sp.

Bagworm Moths

More Bagworm Moths


Achyra bipedalis larva

Spotted Oleander Moth

Triplex Cutworm Moth

Genus Chrysoteuchia

Genus Urola

Triplex Cutworm Moth

Eublemma recta Straight-lined Seed Moth?

Crambid Snout Moths

Genus Eublemma recta Straight-lined Seed Moth ?

Genus Eublemma recta Straight-lined Seed Moth ?

Genus Micrathetis
NOTE: If you look at my observations, you will see that some of the moths are photographed in situ on vegetation. Others were captured in a BioQuip child's butterfly net, then chilled until they were torpid, photographed, allowed to warm up, and then released to fly away.

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