Day 13

Today was a beautiful day. I unfortunately saw but was unable to photograph a Townsend's Warbler and a Chestnut-backed chickadee. Hopefully we can get a couple more beautiful days this week. Today we added 110 observations totaling 56 species. This brings out total up to 1190 observations and 160 species.

Top ten observers of the day

Top ten species
Red-tailed Hawk (5)
Northern Shoveler (5)
Canada Goose (4)
Song Sparrow (4)
Spotted Towhee (4)
Ruby-crowned Kinglet (4)
California Scrub-jay (4)
American Coot (3)
Horned Grebe (3)
Bald Eagle (3)

Congratulations to @cgates326 for his Loggerhead Shrike

Congratualtions @patty_teague for her Red-throated Loon

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