Homework #4

Assignment Instructions
Please read the following information in its totality to understand what you need to do for this homework.


In this homework you will be using iNaturalist to record different groups of plants found in Oahu, with the objective of applying what you have learned in botany class about the different groups of plants in the field. This time you can also use the plants found on a Botanical Garden, however be sure to select the cultivated option in iNaturalist, so the community knows the plant is not wild and should not be used for research.

Steps for submitting homework

1) If you haven't already, download the iNaturalist app in your phone and set up an account. You can also set up an account in your computer in iNaturalist. Use your first name and last name as your user name so I can grade your homework.

2) Once a iNaturalist member, join the BOT 101 Leeward CC Fall 2017- 9am project I created for the class. You can also look for the project by name in the iNaturalist projects search box.

3) Add 10 observations to the project following the instructions below. I will deduct 1 point per each observations not added to the class project. You can find a detailed guide of how to create observations in iNaturalist using the app in your phone or using your computer here (www.inaturalist.org/pages/getting+started)

4) Add 10 observations for the following plants. Be sure to include to which category each of your submissions belong to in the description field. For example: If you submit a fern plant be sure to write down "fern" on the description so I know this is your fern submission.
2 ferns
1 gymnosperm
2 angiosperms
1 Bryophyta
2 native Hawaiian plants
1 canoe plants (introduced by Polynesians)
1 invasive plant
5) Add identification. If you do not know the species at least add to which group the plant belongs to (e.g. fern)


  • You need to use your own photos of plants found on nature in this amazing island of Oahu. You can go to a hike to find the plants requested (preferred). For this assignment you can also use plants from a botanical garden.
  • Do not use plants from Leeward CC campus or LCC gardens. If you use plants from a botanical garden be sure to select the cultivated option in iNaturalist to indicate the plant is cultivated and not growing on the wild. I will deduct 1 point from each cultivated plant that is not marked as cultivated.

-Use your own photos. Any attempt to use a photo from internet or other source/person will be considered fraud and will be subject to zero in the homework and failing of the class. Please review the class syllabus for more details on the academic dishonesty policy HERE.

  • Take several photos of each plant, clearly showing the characteristic requested. Submit the best photo, or several photos to each observation to illustrate the requested plant. Out of focus photos, or photos not showing clearly the plant are not useful.

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