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UPDATE - I've had several requests to extend the deadline for upload of observations - as such, I'll leave the project open until Sunday, July 23, 2017.

You do not need to upload your records on Canada Day. The observations themselves need to be made on Canada Day but I will leave the project open until Sunday July 23rd, 2017 in order for people, especially those who don't have internet access over the long weekend, to upload their observations once they return to the world of internet access. This will also give people, including myself, who might have many observations/photos to process and upload, a full week to do so. Good luck and have fun! Colin

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This project is a celebration of Canada's biodiversity and a collective effort to try and record as many of Canada's wild species as we can on Canada Day 2017! To mark the 150th birthday of Canada, the individual challenge is to observe and submit at least 150 observations of different wild species (no captive or cultivated species please) within the boundaries of Canada on July 1, ...más ↓

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